A sauce that complements our churros, taking them to the next level.
Our secret sauces come 7 different types of chocolate, to suit all your taste buds.
Discover our churros recipes for an amazing taste.
"Top class. Hot fresh and tasty. Available with a large selection of tasty dips. Fast service. Served in a unique upside-down Mexican style hat. Highly recommended. Will be back again."
"I have eaten Churros before and they are very tasty This particular Friday though just ate one - as they took a photo of me for Instagram. I love that :)."
"The churros were elite, still hot, which makes them crunchy and soft from the inside. Some of the best I eaten. Customer services was okay, had no issues with the service.."
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Fun Facts

Churros have only 3 ingredients

Modern-day churros were invented by Spanish shepherds

Some believe churros were named after a breed of sheep

Churros might have been shaped after the sheep horns